service-detail-1Search Engine Optimization is fundamental for your online success. Ranking in the top #5 results will bring 70 to 90 % of all the people searching for the keywords you are after to your website. For this reason, it is crucial that you rank not only on the first page, but in the top #5 and always strive for being #1. This is what we do best and we want to help you achieve top rankings in the fastest possible way. SEO is the lifeline of online marketing. There are countless of ways to drive traffic to your website, but the online advertising can often times become very expensive and it will continue to become more expensive in the future. Finish 1st SEO focuses on proven SEO strategies that will help you achieve top rankings in a matter of weeks or months for the top 3 search engines on the planet - Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our primary focus is to rank you on Google, because it will give you the most traffic. Find our more about the process we are utilizing for every project.
Our search engine optimization service includes:Keyword Research / Strategy, On-Page SEO, Content Creation, Link Building and Bi-weekly or Monthly Ranking Reports.
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Keyword Research / SEO Plan

Everything starts with the right keywords to target for your niche and website. We will analyze the competition, perform an SEO audit and create a customized action plan we will follow We will also select the best keywords to target according to your needs and chosen plan.

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Content Creation

If needed we will create optimized SEO content for your website. At this stage, we will also prepare the content which will be used for the off-page SEO/link building phase.

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On-Page SEO

The next step is getting your on-page SEO fixed if/where needed. This process is simple, but vital for your success and for achieving fast results. Our goal is to get you the best possible rankings at first solely based on your onpage SEO.

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Internal linking and off-page SEO

The next part is to make sure that your internal linking is in place. It's important to note that properly done internal linking speeds up the rankings a lot. After that we are ready to start with the off-page SEO which includes a variety of links customized to work specifically for your niche and business.

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Ranking Reports

We will send you bi-weekly or monthly updates about your current positions for the selected keywords. You can expect 'Google dance' in the early stages of the link building process and stable rankings after few weeks/months, depending on the competition and other factors.

SEO Process

Technical Website Evaluation or Audit

1. Not every single website/niche is appropriate for our services right off the bat. Depending on the number of changes that should be done we can complete this step free of charge, otherwise we will give a quote before starting the monthly optimization.

Keyword Research and Analysis

2. Not doing this phase properly will result in nothing but headaches after that. Targeting the right keywords is a vital part of any SEO strategy, so we take our time to select the best keywords which will give you higher traffic, conversions and sales.

Content Creation

3. After selecting the right keywords, the next vital step is to create SEO optimized content which includes either rewriting/editing if necessary your existing articles/descriptions on your website or producing fresh content. At this stage, we also create the content needed for the off-page SEO.

On Page SEO Optimization

4. The on-page SEO goes hand in hand with the off-page SEO and the on-page SEO process can be repeated several times if needed in order to get good initial rankings for the keywords based solely on the on-page SEO factors.

Social Engagement

5. Being social is important in today's SEO world, so we will drip feed social signals to the URLs we are going to optimize and apart from that, we will also send social signals to the backlinks we are going to create.

Off Page SEO/ Link Building

6. Your website is now ready for link building. We will build a variety of links towards your URLs, but we will also focus on niche specific and stronger types of links that most SEO companies don't provide. Every month we will build new links until we get you to the desired positions.

Ranking reports

7. We will send you bi-weekly or monthly reports with the updated rankings, so that you can monitor the progress. Please note that the ranking changes are not instant and it might take up to 1-2 months to see the initial results from our work.

Trust the professionals and get REAL results!

Finish 1st SEO was born after the union of several experienced SEO experts. We are a team of 3 people with a combined experience of over 25 years who manage more than 30 SEO workers and countless dedicated servers and VPSs worldwide. We have built a virtual team of highly intelligent and motivated people who are ready to take your business to the next level. Over the years, we have had the pleasure to help over 5000 business owners to rank their websites for the most competitive keywords in almost every niche. Top SEO companies have been using our services with a great success for their clients and now we are on a mission to become the best SEO company in the world.

Experience: SEO is very dynamic and is an undefined science – you learn it with experience. This is the only way! At Finish 1st SEO, we only have true professionals in our team who know what they are doing. We are constantly testing new strategies and we know for sure what works, how and why it works.
Team: Our team consists of more than 30 workers and 3 head managers. On a daily basis we are optimizing thousands of keywords for our clients, so we have taken a great care of what happens behind the scenes. No matter if you have a small site or a big corporate site, we can handle your project with ease.
R&D: Search engines continuously roll out new updates all the time, so it's important to stay ahead of the game. We base our strategies on what works right now AND what has worked over the years. Our strategies constantly change and evolve, but they bring you consistent results all the time, because we carefully plan everything and do nonstop tests with multiple websites we own.
Communication: Communication is key to any online marketing campaign’s success. Our mission is to take your business to the next level and for this reason communicating about everything plays an important role. We start with initial discussion about your website/business and keep you updated on a bi-weekly or monthly basis about the rankings and keyword positions. Of course, you can contact us any time, if you have questions.
Clients Feedbacks: We have ranked thousands of keywords in almost any niche you can imagine. Over the years, we have helped many clients increase their revenue to heights they never imagined were possible. Make the most important step of this year and let Finish 1st SEO bring you the results you are after! Contact us for today!

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