You are 100 % protected by our Refund Policy. If you fill out our submission form, but you haven’t contacted us before that and if we find out that your website/keywords or niche are not appropriate for our services then we will issue a full refund. In all the other cases, we will start with the usual approach where we discuss everything before developing and executing an SEO plan.

We also want to inform you that we will define a minimum number of months you should stay with us in order to see results. The minimum number of months is usually 2 months and can go up to 6 months. Usually results are seen after around 4 weeks from starting the SEO work, depending on the competition of course, so the effects from the link building from month 1 will be seen in month 2; the effects from the link building of month 2 will be seen in month 3 and so on.

We guarantee positive movements from the second month onwards, however predicting first page rankings is a little bit tricky process, so for this reason we want you to stay with us until we get the positions to where they should be. A rough estimate is minimum 2 of months for low competitive keywords, minimum of 4 months for medium competitive keywords and 6+ months for high competitive keywords.

Before subscribing for any SEO plan, we will analyze your website, keywords, competition, etc. and will tell you an approximate time frame for getting the keywords to the first page. We guarantee gradual improvements of the SERPs on a bi-weekly and monthly basis. We will send you regular updates about the ranking changes, so it’s in both parties’ interest to work together until we achieve the first page rankings.

If we fail to get the main targeted keywords to the first page of Google 3 months after the deadline we have set, you will be given a full refund – no questions asked. This hasn’t happen to date, but we want to let you know that we take your business seriously and if you don’t get the results you want, we won’t take a single cent from you.
Below we will list all the cases where we can give you a refund:


We can cancel the service and refund your money if you have subscribed in advance before contacting us and your website, niche or keywords are not appropriate for our services.
You are free to cancel your service at any given time, but no refunds will be given except in the cases discussed next.


When you subscribe to our service, we will tell you a minimum number of months you should stay subscribed. In this period of time we will most likely achieve first page rankings, but in some cases it might take longer. The extension period is always 3 months no matter what plan you are subscribed to. So for example if you are subscribed for 4 months, but we still haven’t achieved first page rankings, we will ask you to stay for 3 more months = 7 months total. If during this time frame, you don’t achieve first page rankings, we will refund the money for the whole period of 7 months.


In the following cases you are not eligible for refund:

  • You cancel your subscription during or end of the set period of time in months we have discussed prior to starting the SEO cycle
  • You cancel your subscription during the extension period of 3 months after the deadline
  • You cancel your subscription after we have ranked your keywords to the first page, but after a period of time (1 to 6 months) they have started to drop
  • We have ranked your keywords to the first page, but they are still not in the top #5 or top #3. In this case we will ask you to continue to stay subscribed in order to push the keywords further. Our guarantee is for first page rankings, but we do not guarantee a certain position on the first page. Of course our goal is always to rank you in the top 5 and we will always do our best to make this happen.
  • You have used any other SEO services or have performed SEO on your own during the time we have been doing SEO for your website and you want a refund at a later stage.
  • Google updates, negative SEO or anything apart from what we do and have control of has affected your website in a negative way. We will assist in recovering it and improving the SEO rankings, but we do not guarantee 100 % success rate.
  • You did not get the expected ROI, sales, conversions, etc. Our service is about rankings. We can assist you for ideas, brainstorming, niches and give you any marketing help or tips for an extra fee.

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