This is the site of one of our international clients who owns a housekeeping business in Bulgaria. By investigating further in the niche, we have noticed that most competitors are running AdWords campaigns and/or marketing via FaceBook. Our client knew some of the competitors in person and informed me that the AdWords campaigns didn't work for him very good and for his competitors. For this reason we wanted to rank him on a local level for the most competitive terms which translated to English mean: housekeeper, housekeeper Sofia, professional housekeeper, professional housekeeper Sofia. The first thing we had to do was to do a keyword research, analyze the top competitors, get an article written in Bulgarian for the keywords we selected and then move on to content creation for the off-page SEO. We used our high end pricing plan and added a bunch of secondary keywords. After continuous optimization over a period of 4 months, all the keywords are now ranked in the top #3 and continue to stay there. As a result of our work, the client gets 15 to 40 phone calls per day from people interested in using his services. The close ratio is very good by the team he has in place, so overall the ROI was increased almost 3 times minus the expenses on his end. URL: www.petroff.bg Main keywords: домоуправител домоуправител София професионален домоуправител професионален домоуправител София


The goal was to rank the website for the given keywords, fix the on-page SEO and get an article written around the targeted keywords.



We had to perform a full SEO audit, analyze the competitors' backlinks, because this was a foreign market and we had to decide on the right backlink strategy to implement. The strategy involved around 10 % backlinks from local sites in Bulgarian and 90 % backlinks coming from English sites, but using a Bulgarian anchor text. This strategy is working perfectly no matter what is the language of your website.



We have ranked all the keywords in the top #3 with most of them sitting at #1 which resulted in an increased monthly ROI almost 3x times for the past 6 months.
Half of the money we are charging our client was going for online advertising, but there is no need to spend that money anymore.

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Rankings Increase(%)
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Expenses Decrease(%)
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Visitors increase(%)
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ROI Increase(%)



“I have never used an SEO company in the past and have been running AdWords campaigns for the past two years. Unfortunately for my business it didn't end up with a positive ROI. We managed to break even, but never actually saw a big profit. After that i've tried other forms of advertising such as Facebook ads which luckily turned out well, but i knew that i should also rank #1, because my top competitors were getting most of their clients from Google. It was a god's gift to find Finish1stSEO and from the moment we had our first conversation i knew that sooner or later i will rank my company higher in the SERPs. After less than 4 months, i was not only on the first page, but ranked #1 for most keywords which turned out to be the best investment i have ever made with an online ads/SEO agency. Now, we still continue to rank high in Google and my ROI has been positive. Thank you so much!”


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