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Digital marketing, which is powered by content, advertising and community, gives start-ups and underdogs the ability to grow faster and smarter by outthinking, NOT outspending, the competition. Our marketing goal is simple – plan, analyze, execute, convert and measure dynamic campaigns that generate leads and build loyalty.

Forget about spending money, it's time to invest by using our services

We don't believe in the fixed pricing schemes when it comes to offering SEO services. works with small and medium sized businesses as well as with big corporations.

Offering a fixed priced service is definitely not in our style and in a lot of cases this pricing model is outdated and simply won't work out, because we take each and every client seriously and we want to provide results for the best possible price. Typically our customers invest 10 to 30 % of their pure monthly profit income into our SEO services and we believe that this is a very good strategy.

Our SEO prices range anywhere from $200-300/mo and can go up as high as $30k+/mo or more, depending on the actual project we are working on. Let's view a typical pricing plan we arrange almost every day for new clients.

Pricing plan - how it happens?

A prospect client contacts us with a request for a free SEO audit. After analyzing his website, the most important keywords and competition, we send him the free SEO audit with an action plan on what we can do for him in terms of results. Then, several conversations follow up via email, phone or Skype where we understand more about our prospective client's business, previous SEO campaigns (if any), his concerns, ideas, future marketing plans, etc.

To make the explanation better, let's call our client John.
John now knows what we can do for his business, he knows approximately how long it will take to see results and get the desired keywords to the first page of Google (we mostly focus on Google, but we usually achieve similar results for Yahoo and Bing often times a lot faster).

It's about time to talk about the prices we will charge.
We ask John what is the minimum budget he is willing to invest in our SEO services and the maximum budget as well. Because of our vast experience, we know that the minimum budget is around 10 % of the pure profit income on a monthly basis and the maximum is around 30 %. Let's assume that John makes $5.000/mo in pure profits every month. Then the minimum he can afford to spend at this stage is around $500/mo and the maximum is around $1.500/mo.

Based on the keywords' competitiveness and other important factors, we can start the SEO with a budget around the minimum he suggested, so let's say we start with a budget of $600/mo.
After 4 months of SEO, John has spent $2.400 in total on our SEO services, but his income has gradually increased from the 3rd month onwards up to $6.000/mo, instead of the previous $5.000/mo.
John continues the SEO for 2 more months and so far, he has spent a total of $3600, but his income is now at $7000/mo.
Let's make a quick calculation:

Month #1 & #2 - John earned $5.000
Month #3 - John earned $5.500
Month #4 - John earned $6.000
Month #5 - John earned $6.500
Month #6 - John earned $7.000

John made $500 more from month #3, $1.000 more from month #4, $1.500 more from month #5, $2.000 more from month #6. Total increased profit for the past 6 months is $500 + $1.000 + $1.500 + $2.000 = $5.000

During the whole SEO campaign John spent a total $3.600 (6 months x $600/mo = $3.600). His pure profit is now at $1.400.

Now, John can afford to spend $1.000/mo and target more keywords while he makes no less than $7.000/mo. Typically after the 5th/6th month, the rankings are increasing a lot, which results in big profits. Let's assume that we continue to increase his monthly income by $500/mo over the next 6 months, but he still spends $1000/mo. Again some quick calculations:

Month #7 - John earned $7.500
Month #8 - John earned $8.000
Month #9 - John earned $8.500
Month #10 - John earned $9.000
Month #11 - John earned $9.500
Month #12 - John earned $10.000

We have $1.500 more from month #7, $2.000 more from month #8, $2.500 more from month #9, $3.000 more from month #10, $3.500 more from month #11, $4.000 more from month #12.

The total increased profit for months #7 to #12 is $1.500 + $2.000 + $2.500 + $3.000 + $3.500 + $4.000 = $16.500

During the second stage of the campaign, John spent $1.000/mo or a total of $6.000 and his pure profit after the expenses is $16.500 - $6.000 = $10.500

Over the period of 12 months, John made an extra $1.400 + $10.500 = $11.900 which is almost an extra $2000/mo in pure profits for the past 12 months.

In the past 12 months, John made a total of $71.900, instead of $60.000 compared to the last year. John will continue to use our services and his income will continue to grow exponentially.

If you want to increase your income in the same way that John and a lot of other clients did, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you within one business day!

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