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Once we discuss your requirements we will select an appropriate plan where you can subscribe. If the 3 plans we have are not appropriate for you, then we will create a customized plan. Any small SEO audits are included in the monthly fee we have stated. If we have to do big changes to your website, then we will discuss an additional one time fee before subscribing to any plan.

After discussing our approach which includes keyword selection, competition analysis, website changes, on-page SEO changes, content generation, backlinks we will acquire, etc. you will be subscribed to a monthly plan for infinite time. We will state X number of months it will take to achieve first page rankings, but take into account that it might take +/- 1 months, because the time frames we set are accurate in 80-90 % of the time, but there are cases where it might take longer.
You will see gradual improvements in the SERPs on a bi-weekly/monthly basis which will be more than enough proof that we are headed to the right direction.

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